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Centre for Engineering Better Care


All the project activities will be undertaken in close conjunction with Clinical Engineering theme.

Who do we support?

The mid- to long-term plan for CEBC includes a significant project scope at different levels, from educational projects to fundamental research to translational research. During the current phase, we are supporting a range of engineering and clinical students, including four-month projects undertaken by FY2 (foundation year two) clinical students, final year MEng student projects, as well as four-week clinical school SSC (student selected components).


What do we provide?


Besides providing the Biomedical Lab and Improvement Lab, CEBC is responsible for facilitating and supporting these activities. Included in the budget is provision for some engineering-focused equipment which augments the biologically-focused equipment in the Biomakespace who shares modest amounts of facilities with CEBC. By increasing the footfall of engineering students into the Biomakespace, it is envisaged that links back to the excellent Dyson Centre facilities can become more readily accessible to those using Biomakespace facilities, via minimal and formal collaboration agreements.