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Centre for Engineering Better Care


The fourth year module in Biomedical Engineering consists of 11 lectures and 4 discussion meetings with the module lecturers and invited mentors.

This module will be offered in 2022 Lent.



  • Provide a comprehensive overview of biomedical engineering
  • Outline the key principles of good engineering design in a biomedical context
  • Introduce the concept of system design approach for sustainable improvement
  • Describe the technology adoption pathway in healthcare



By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Conduct research and define the issues with existing medical devices or clinical procedures
  • Understand how to apply engineering knowledge to solve biomedical challenges
  • Communicate and work with healthcare professionals to validate the engineering designs
  • Use a broader systems design toolkit to address larger and more complex issues in healthcare



Full details can be found by searching for course 4G9 through CUED's web pages, here: 

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