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Centre for Engineering Better Care



The CEBC focuses on interdisciplinary research within Engineering and Clinical Medicine. We provide both organisational and physical infrastructure to transform interdisciplinary work between Engineering and the Biomedical Campus. A product of CEBC is that Cambridge University becomes the expert in fundamental and transitional research focused on improving healthcare, while the local healthcare trusts and the wider profession build capability and capcity in taking a more systematic and creative approach to improvement.

Complementing the CEBC, our new 3-year part-time MSt course on Healthcare Innovation is now open for applications.

We welcome new collaborations and opportunities to expand our network, building a consolidated, interactive community.

Anyone who is interested in knowing more about CEBC, please contact us.





Many of the current challenges in healthcare and clinical medicine can benefit from engineering insight to be addressed effectively. Cambridge has a unique position with world-leading research in engineering, physical and biological sciences intimately connected both to the outstanding research and clinical environment of the Cambridge sciences, as well as the vibrant local medtech, biotech and technology consulting industries. Within the Department of Engineering, bioengineering activities especially have grown rapidly and taken advantages of these opportunities in Cambridge. However, there still remains enormous untapped potential to further develop collaborations that will lead not only to better care, but also the economic success through the development and adoption of emerging technologies.

CEBC aims to create a step-change in both the scale and scope of interdisciplinary research between Engineering and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, hence unlock the potential for Cambridge to have a significant impact on improving healthcare provision.




Our long-term vision is to establish a world-leading centre for engineering better care, which will be realised in three phases.




CEBC provides a forum to bring people from engineering and clinical communities together, as well as creating opportunities for patients and the public to be engaged in the Centre's activities. We proudly offer the community: